Polk County Decategorization


 Decat Committees

Polk County Decategorization’s structure is comprised of a variety of committees that provide guidance, input, and help facilitate Decat's mission.   A detailed map of that structure can be found by clicking here.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of key policy makers from Juvenile Court, DHS, and Polk County along with the chair of the Governance Board. They review and approve policy recommendations, annual plans, budgets and projects. This committee meets quarterly, or as needed, and is responsible for reviewing any funding decision appeals.

The next  Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 11, 2019, from 10:00am to 11:00 at Polk County River Place. The meeting agenda can be found here. The agenda addendum can be found here.

The minutes from the last Executive Committee Meeting on March 14th can be found here. The minutes from the Oct 11th meeting  Executive Committee Meeting can be found here .

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of 20 members from Polk County Schools, the legal community, providers, United Way, AEA, Law Enforcement, Mental Health, Early Childhood, Juvenile Court, DHS, Polk County, and the community at large. This body provides direction and on going monitoring and oversight of Decat. Funding proposals are reviewed and decisions made regarding services and programs. The committee promotes a cooperative and collaborative planning process by involving representatives from key organizations. This committee meets monthly at DHS. A copy of the minutes from the last meeting can be found here.  The next meeting's agenda can be found here.

Providers' Advisory Committee

Any provider in Polk County who serves youth and receives either DHS, County, Juvenile Court or United Way funds is eligible to attend this meeting. This committee provides a forum for providers to present new proposal ideas and receive feedback. It also assists in the identification of gaps in services and helps in coordinating planning efforts. This committee meets the third Wednesday of every month at Children and Families of Iowa. The chair and vice-chair of this committee also serve on the Governance Board.  A copy of the last meeting's minutes is available for viewing by clicking here.

The next meeting's agenda can be found here.

Polk County Decat and Providers' Advisory establisted a transportation directory for anyone in need and/or to help reduce barriers within the transportation system. Transportation Directory