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Check out the July 2019 Newsletter from the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute - tons of links to upcoming webinars, interventions/prevention programs, leadership & competency resources, and practical self-care strategies.THIS IS A GREAT RESOURCE FOR PROFESSIONALS  LIKE YOU, CHECK IT OUT ALREADY  :)

"Stress to Success" Curriculum Available

Legislation was passed in 2018 (SF 2113) that ensures all educators in Iowa are exposed to information about ACEs, toxic stress, and suicide prevention. The act does not require a specific training or exposure to a specific set of instructions or guidelines. The intent of the "Stress to Success" curriculum is to provide research-based information that can help formulate the understanding ACEs and their impact, and provide an overview of a set of responses. 

Starting in July, Iowa AEA online learning will have an online module based on the "Stress to Success" curriculum to meet the ACEs and toxic stress requirement. All schools and education entities with access to AEA online learning will be able to access this module at no cost. Click here to learn more about the module.

 In addition, ACEs 360 will continue to offer web-based train the trainers for school leaders who would like to deliver the content in person. For more information on "Stress to Success" curriculum training, click here.

Child Welfare Provider Training Academy


Culture and Diversity: A Fresh Perspective - Language and Definitive Online Training
Youth Engagement Track HERE

NCTSN has resources to help educators and parents create a trauma-informed school community:

Creating, Supporting, and Sustaining Trauma-Informed Schools: A System Framework

Presents a tiered approach to creating a trauma-informed school environment that addresses the needs of all students, staff, administrators, and families who might be at risk for experiencing the symptoms of traumatic stress.

Addressing Race and Trauma in the Classroom: A Resource for Educators

Helps educators understand how they might address the interplay of race and trauma and its effects on students in the classroom. The guide outlines recommendations for educators and offers a list of supplemental resources.

Child Trauma Toolkit for Educators (English version)

Provides school administrators, teachers, staff, and concerned parents with basic information about working with traumatized children in the school system.

Caja de Herramientas Para Educadores Para el Manejo de Trauma Infantil (Versión en Español)

Proporciona a administradores escolares, maestros, personal de la escuela y padres interesados, información básica sobre el trabajo con niños traumatizados en el sistema escolar.

Psychological First Aid for Schools (PFA-S) Field Operations Guide

Provides guidance on responding to disaster, violence, or terrorism events by helping schools enhance existing plans and supporting professional development.


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