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Evening Peer Support Group Meetings "NAMI Connections Support Group"

A peer-led support group for adults living with mental illness. By sharing your experiences in a safe and confidential setting, you'll gain hope and develop supportive relationships. The group encourages empathy, productive discussion, and a sense of community. Gain insight from hearing the challenges and successes of others.  Connections Support Groups are led by trained people who've been there.

When: the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 5:30-7p
Where: NAMI Greater Des Moines / 511 East 6th Street (Des Moines)
Cost: Free

Mosaic Family Counseling is MOVING!

Our main office is relocating! Our administrative staff and therapists at our 5005 Douglas Ave, Suite 101 address are moving!

As of July 29, 2019 our new address will be 6200 Aurora Ave, Suite 305E, Urbandale, IA 50322

These offices will be closed on July 25 and July 26 to allow for our relocation

Call us at 515-724-8920 or email us at info@mosaicfamilyinc.com

YSS Treats Youth With Dual Diagnosis!

Many times youth with substance use disorders face additional challenges. They may have turned to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate their pain, calm their anxiety, or improve their mood. Effective substance use treatment demands that providers look at the whole person and treat both substance use and mental health disorders. 

YSS offers residential treatment for substance use disorders, while simultaneously providing mental health counseling and psychiatric care to those in need. We can administer medication and provide therapy, that together support healing from addiction and mental illness.

Space Available Today!

YSS offers treatment services to girls in Ames, and for boys we have treatment facilities in both Ames and Mason City. We currently have openings at all three locations. For admissions information, please contact Mark DeJong at 515-233-4930. For more information about our services, please visit our website at www.yss.org/program/addiction.

Momentum - Community Support Advocates (6000 Aurora, DM 50322)

We offer FREE art services for artists impacted by disability, brain injury, or living with a mental health issue. This includes free workshops, mentoring, and open studio hours where artists can come in and use our supplies. Contact Shannon @ 515-681-4099 or shannonk@teamcsa.org

Woodward Community Based Services

Outpatient Mental Health Services

We are dedicated to the treatment of children, adolescents and adults. Our Programs offers creative, holistic, solution-based practices with clients who have a mental health diagnosis. Outpatient individual therapy is a clnical mental health service. Outpatient grouptherapy is also available upon request for both adolescents and adults. Call 515-274-9607 to learn more.

YESS Mental Health Services Available to the Community

You know YESS provides shelter to kids in our community. But did you also know...?

  • A child living in shelter can receive mental health support (including therapy and BHIS) while in shelter and continue these services when they transition out of shelter
  • YESS provides mental health services for kids and families in the community, including those who have never utilized shelter
  • Our BHIS Team provides in-home services for more than 150 families per year and is currently accepting new clients
  • Our counseling team has expertise in EMDR, trauma-informed care, attachment concerns, and so much more

Can your clients benefit from mental health support at YESS Hope Hall? Learn more:
>> Visit our website
>> Call 515-557-2256

Are the Words "Toxic Stress" Toxic? Re-thinking the Narrative About Early Life Stress

"The concepts of “toxic stress” and “adverse childhood experiences” (ACEs) have captured professional and public attention in recent years. While this has helped to bring more resources and interest to early childhood issues, it has also resulted in some harmful language and imagery that depicts children, families, or entire communities as “broken” or beyond healing and resilience. In our concern about adversity, are we selling short the capacity of individuals and communities to heal and grow? Are we doing more harm than good by inadvertently reinforcing stereotypes about children and families of color? Join a conversation with other concerned professionals about how to shift the narrative around early life stress to one that focuses on root causes of stress and celebrates the resilience of children, families, and communities." - CAILIN O'CONNOR, Center for the Study of Social Policy

You can see a video of the webinar here


Psychological First Aid for Schools - Click here

Tools to Promote Mental Health & Well-Being for Human Rights Advocates - click here

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