Polk County Decategorization
Reminder: There is no Polk Decat Providers Advisory meeting in August. It's summer break before school starts. Read more
"YSS Licensed Co-Occurring Treatment Program"
"Webinar: The Importance of Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences In Achieving Permanency for Young Children - 8/15"
"Webinar: A Municipal Blueprint for a More Inclusive Path to Prosperity - 8/21"
"Live Pastoral Counseling certificate program - 9/8"
"Prosperity Summit 9/5-7 - the full agenda is now online!"
"Central Iowa Mobility Symposium - 9/12"
"Attachment, Neurodevelopment & Psychopathology - 9/19 - 21"
"Healing Trauma Healthy Communities Conference" 9/26-28
"Iowa Early Childhood Systems Summit and Early Childhood Iowa 20th Anniversary Celebration" - 10/3 at Sheraton Hotel in WDM Read more
"PHC Community Night is this Wednesday, August 15 at 3509 E. 29th Street, from 5-7pm"
"Back to School Bash"8/19 @ John R. Grubb YMCA
"City Love Project is also hosting FREE Back to School festivities for students 8/19 10am - 1pm"
"Graduation Walk, United Way, August 25th, 9 AM to Noon"
"Multicultural Fall Festival at Evelyn Davis Park - 9/8"
"Family Sponsorships at NAMI Greater DSM 3rd Annual Benefit Golf Tournament - 9/14"
"ISU College Night this fall - 9/20"
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August Calendars available
"Goodwill Career Connection Center" "WeLIFT" "St. Vincent de Paul Education Center" "EKDC for working families" "IowaWorks (Des Moines)" Read more
"Joy Osofsky in-person Training Opportunity"
"Invite to Public Allies VIP Luncheon, Monday, August 13th, 2018 at 11:30am at Evelyn K. Davis Center for Working Families"
"United Way of Central Iowa receives $1.5 million grant"
"Renew Resale Shop at Park Fair Mall"
"Hearing Aid assistance for all ages"
"Scavo High School located on 1800 Grand Avenue has a medical AND dental clinic that will open the week of August 6th."
"Iowa Individual Assistance Grant Program and Iowa Disaster Case Management program"
"August DMPS Community Conversation - Aug 1st cancelled and resume on Sep 5th."
"Free Support for Children with Disabilities"
"Family Sponsorships at NAMI Greater DSM 3rd Annual Benefit Golf Tournament - 9/14" Read more
"Back to School Bash"8/19 @ John R. Grubb YMCA
"City Love Project is also hosting FREE Back to School festivities for students 8/19 10am - 1pm"
"Back to School Supplies Give-Away - 8/25"
"Multicultural Festival West Des Moines 8/31 - 9/1"
"Multicultural Fall Festival DSM Public Library - 9/8"
"Jewels Academy 2018 Y.E.S. Fall Workshops - Saturdays 09/29 & 10/06"
"hawk-I health care coverage for kids and teens"
"CYC Mentor Advantage Program" for students aged 11-17 Read more
"Why Don’t Friends Come With Instruction Manuals -8/25"
"It’s All Greek to Me! A Brief Overview of Learning Disorders -8/25"
"“Don’t Worry About It!” - Anxiety, Panic and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) - 8/29"
"Parenting resources - Leading Family Engagement in Early Learning: A Supplemental Guide "
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For Providers
"HCI VNS Community Health 5-2-1-0 Coordinator"
"DMPS Community School Coordinator at King Elementary"
"Financial Coach at Evelyn K Davis Center"

For Clients
"Iowa State university "People to People Career Fair - 9/26"
"Fall 2018 HiSET informational meetings"
"Basic Healthcare career training for English language learners" - 9/13 -10/18
"Workplace skills for success" Read more
"Habitat for Humanity: Homeownership program for low-income family"
"Bank On Central Iowa"
"Save the Date: Money Smart Week 2019 March 30th - April 6th" Read more
"YESS Back to School supply with list" Read more
USCIS has announced a grant opportunity for citizenship classes
Bankers Trust grants - 9/1/2018, 12/1/2018
Endow Urbandale Community Fund - Due 9/15/2018
Meredith Foundation - 9/15
West Des Moines Community Foundation Grant - 10/1/2018
Community Foundation Greater Des Moines - Leadership Grants - 10/2/2018
TJX Foundation - deadlines 10/20
Polk City Community Foundation Grants 11/1/2018
Aldi Smart Kids Program - 12/15/2018
Walmart Foundation Community Grant program - due 12/31/2018 Read more
Updated eNewsletters (as of 8/13 week)
"Child Trend" "NAMI" "ifapa" "Prosperity Now" "Iowa Department of Public Health" "BRYCS Bulletin Alert" "CommunityCommons" Read more
"Tools to Promote Mental Health & Well-Being for Human Rights Advocates "
"NAMI offering Evening Peer Support Group Meetings - First & Third Wednesday of Every Month from 5:30-7p"
"Webinar: Selecting, Preparing for, and Implementing Evidence-Based Programs in Community and School Settings" Read more
"LSI Refugee class lists and Child care lists has been posted"
"IMMIGRATION LAWYERS List" has been updated!
"LSI Refugee Community Services: Education Programs (Academic Year 2018 - 2019) available!" Read more
"Webinar: The Detention and Deportation System for Unaccompanied Minors - 8/28"
"Philadelphia Hearing Presented a Powerful Case Against Institutionalizing Kids" Read more
"Broadlawns Medical Center Community Resource Directory"
"VNS Community Resource Directory"
"211 search for resources in Iowa and Nebraska" Read more