Polk County Decategorization

Community Event Funding Request Forms Now Available!


Polk Decat is pleased to once again offer the opportunity for local agencies, organizations, associations, and human services programs to apply for Community Event Funding! Up to $500 (per fiscal year) can be requested by a group to help support free events which strengthen families & protect children.

Our areas of focus include:

  • addressing disproportionality & disparate outcomes for children & families of color who may be involved with the DHS/Child Welfare and/or Juvenile Court systems,
  • events & opportunities specifically geared towards engaging fathers, especially non-custodial fathers,
  • promoting the cohesive application of ACEs/Trauma-Informed Care principles in practice across the broad spectrum of human services providers and throughout the community at large,
  • supporting youth transitioning out of the foster care system

At Polk Decat, we highly value the contributions of our neighbors & community members who may be considered “at-risk,” and we prize the opportunity to support activities & events which can support the building of grit & resiliency.

Instructions for Consideration:

In order to be considered for Community Event Funding, please do the following:

  • Decide whether, based on Decat’s areas of focus & values, your event is a good fit for this funding.
  • Study the 2nd page of the Request Form, and determine whether your agency/organization has the capacity to enter into an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) agreement upon receiving funding, and will be able to provide the data & feedback requested.
  • To proceed, please fill out the Community Event Funding Request Form completely, and return it to: jkauffm@dhs.state.ia.us

Funding Requests are evaluated on a weekly basis; please expect a turnaround time of 2 weeks for Funding Request evaluation, and additional time (up to 3 weeks) to receive funding if your application is approved.

If you have addtional questions or need further details about Community Event Funding or the Request Form, please contact Jordan Kauffman, Polk County Decat Project & CPPC Coordinator.